About Us

The concept of artistically blending natural beauty, fashionable design, and simple living.

On July 1, 2013, LiveTrends was born: the direct product of one man’s dreams and passions, made complete by an extraordinary team of creative people. LiveTrends was formed as a small business startup with the bold goal of changing how living home décor is designed, marketed and enjoyed. 

 LiveTrends became the creative playground in which we combine unique designs, living plants, and specialty gifting items into one simple promise for beauty and simplicity. At LiveTrends our purpose is simple; to provide beautiful, living works of art that are unlike anything else in the marketplace. 

Bisser Georgiev is the founder and CEO of LiveTrends, but the credit for our success goes to our amazing team of designers, production people, marketers and partners. All of us share the same passionate focus on quality, innovation, speed and beauty.

 Every day we work hard to shape LiveTrends into the best company it can be: always innovative and never compromising.