Money Tree

Money TreeMoney Tree or Pachira is a small tropical tree growing in Tropic regions around the globe. They grow in moist, dense tropical forests and for this reason prefer high humidity and will tolerate the greatest variety of light levels of any house plant. This plant has become popular not only for its ease of care but also its ability to be braided and trained into various topiaries. Feng shui has traditionally considered this plant to be good luck. We wish you much good fortune and enjoyment; just follow these simple guidelines:

Water: keep moist at all times but not wet. Best method is to water the plant thoroughly and then allow to dry slightly. Do not allow standing water. Leaves will display brown tips if not enough water.

Light: low-high artificial indoor light or near a bright window but no direct sunlight.

Temperature: 65-80F. Full range of normal indoor temperatures avoiding direct drafts from air conditioning or heating vents.

Fertilizer: apply a balanced house plant food at ½ strength every 2-3 weeks during the growing months.